AQUATANK-2 Water Storage

We Are Currently Out of Our 30 Gallon and 60 Gallon AQUATANK-2 Bladders.

AQUATANK-2 Water Storage Tank / Bladder

The AQUATANK-2 Is Great For Emergency Water Storage

Price: $95.00 (15 Gal.) $99.97 (30 Gal.) $134.97 (60 Gal.) $199.97 (150 Gal.) $299.97 (300 Gal.)


AQUATANK-2 Water Storage Tank / Bladder
AQUATANK-2 Water Storage Tank / Bladder
AQUATANK-2 Water Storage Tank / Bladder (Choose Your Size Below)
Price: $95.00
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The AQUANK-2 Water Storage Tank / Bladder

Portable Water Tank / Bladder Is Great For Emergency Use and Long-term Home Water Storage!

– Ideal for water storage in an emergency situation or water storage in your home.

– Great for Camping, Cabins, or Bug-out Location.

– Is Odorless and won’t give your water a strange taste or smell like PVC and plastic tanks or bladders.

– VERY Portable – Even the largest AQUATANK2 weighs less than 5lbs. empty and comes in a small box for easy storage!

The High Capacity, Portability, and Food-Grade Benefits of the AQUATANK-2 Make It a Great Addition to Your Emergency Supplies!

You can fill your AQUATANK-2 on-site to keep a lot of water in a small space. Or, fill it and move it to a remote location if needed. Knowing that it is made of a Food-Grade Inner Liner and a durable outer shell, you can rest assured that it will be puncture resistant and last for many years. You can even reuse it over and over (unlike those single-use tub bladders) and you don’t have to take your tub out of commission to use it!

Dimensions (When Full)

– (15 Gallon) 24″W x 36″L x 14″H

– (30 Gallon) 36″W x 36″L x 14″H

– (60 Gallon) 36″W x 48″L x 16″H

– (150 Gallon) 48″W x 72″L x 12″H

– (300 Gallon) 54″W x 144″L x 12″H

The AQUATANK-2 Is Very Easy to Use!

– Just fill it with water using a standard hose connection.

– Release the water by opening the outlet side on the opposite end.

– A “Must Have” For Your Emergency Supplies!

– We Guarantee Your AQUATANK-2 For Up To 1 Year But Expect You’ll Use It Or Store It For Many Years To Come!

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