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* Wise Foods Has the Best Food Storage Items You Can Find! It’s great to have things like wheat and beans but having flavorful and nutritious meals when you are in a time of crisis gives you a mental edge and makes “surviving” more like “normal” daily life. I strongly recommend these products (and company,) with my “Full-Prepper” endorsement!

* This is one of my favorite sites for information on Survival It has Lots of great information on “Prepping” and survival gear and it is presented in a great format. I’m a frequent visitor and occasionally post on the forum.

* This is one of the most in-depth guides to Building Survival Kits on the internet. It’s complete with loads of great information, high-quality photos, and excellent videos to go along with it.

* Check out “Simple Survival” for Practical Survival Tips and Articles. There’s lots of great advice on this website and a real survival pro makes sure you get useful and actionable information that can really help you in nearly any survival situation.

* Sell Books Preparing for the “End of the World Costs Money! ; – ) Our Friend Owns this Website and will help you find the best prices if you want to sell regular books and textbooks.

* Peak Wilderness There are certain survival skills everyone should know and this article discusses 7 of the most important ones! Remember, knowledge is so important for survival.

* Tacticalogy Check out this page for 59 wilderness survival tips and tricks to save your life in the great outdoors! We especially like the video on how to make willow bark cordage.

* Raising Chickens? This is probably the best place on the web to learn all about raising your own chickens. There are noobs and pros sharing ideas and helping each other out. Another great Prepper community!

* Prepper Library – This guy tells it like it is. This is solid content about why you should become a Prepper and get ready for whatever may come your way! I also enjoy a membership here.

* Survival Tips – Lots of Survival “How To’s” and Tips. Thanks Trevor!

* 50 Great Survival Tips & Tricks – Bear Grylls Would be Impressed With You if You Can Do All These Things!

* Ready.Gov – This Site Has Just About Everything You’ll Need for Any Kind of Disaster from Droughts and Earthquakes to Technological and Terrorist Hazards.

* Preparing for Home Disasters – Great for Homeowners to be Prepared for Just About Anything… Study Up! ; – )

* Natural Disaster Financing Tips – This page has some excellent emergency preparedness financing tips. That’s one of those things you may not think about, but it’s important to be prepared in this way as well. You can also find some free emergency plan PDFs on this page about fires, hurricanes, floods, and blizzards.

* First Aid Resources – This page has excellent first aid information for many of the health and wellness issues you may come across in an emergency situation, from burns to frostbite to heat exhaustion!

* Getting Your Family Ready for a Disaster – It’s important to know what to teach your children before and during a survival situation. This page will help you walk your children through a disaster and keep them from too much anxiety during the process!

* Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane – If you’re in an area that’s susceptible to hurricanes, one of the most important things you can do is prepare! Follow the guidelines in this link and you’ll have a safer journey through that one big storm.

* What to Do During a Tornado – If you’re living in “Tornado Alley” or another area that has frequent tornadoes, you’ll want to know what to do before, during, and after a tornado. Straight from Ready.Gov, this link is a great resource to have!

* Wildfire Safety Tips – There are certain practices that will make your home much less vulnerable during a nearby wildfire. Beyond wild fires, this site can give you insight on just about every emergency situation known to man!

* Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and Other Special Needs – On this page, you’ll find a free, downloadable PDF called “Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and Other Special Needs”. This could be a very important subject for many out there.

* How to Make a Survival Kit – There are tons and tons of articles online about creating your own survival kit. One of the good things about this article is their emphasis on the need for different kits for different people. Elderly folks may need certain items that young kids don’t and vice versa.

* Pet Care Disaster Preparedness – During a disaster, it can be hard to keep everything straight and often times, pets get left to fend for themselves. If you follow this guide and get a simple pet care disaster kit built over time, your furry friend will have all the resources they need to survive a disaster!

* The Ultimate Guide to Wildfire Safety – Wildfires consume MILLIONS of acres of land every year in the United States alone so it pays to be prepared for them. Check out this guide and prepare yourself and your loved ones for wildfires, especially if you’re in an area that’s prone to them!

* Homeowner’s Guide to Lightning Safety – Lightning safety is something we may not think about very often but lightning strikes 25 million times per year, kills an average of 29 people, and injures well over 100 people in the United States alone. It’s a good thing to learn about what you can do to prevent being struck by lightning and prepare for power outages.

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