Homemade Water Purifier

Make Your Own Homemade Water Purifier

Yes, This is an Emergency Water Purifier” not a “pretty one” ; – )

OK, here it is folks…although the Berkey Water Purifiers are great; what makes them great is the “Black Berkey Water Purification Elements.” That’s right…the systems are really just containers for the Purification Elements. It’s nice that they have lids and spigots etc., but in the end it is all about the purification elements.

The genuine Berkey Water Purifiers also have a much better seal between the top and bottom chambers than the homemade bucket system does. If you make your own “bucket purifier” you’ll want to use some food grade sealant or some other method to keep air-born debris from getting between the two buckets and possibly contaminating the pure water in the bottom bucket. The Best Water Purifier is still the large stainless steel system on my right on the home page (if you’re asking me ; – )

All that said; if I were on a really tight budget, or just wanted an (ugly, but practical emergency system) I would buy:


  • ( 2 ) Large Food Grade Buckets (Buy at local stores or get used from restaurants or bakeries.)
  • ( 1 ) Spigot, and
  • ( 2 to 8 ) Black Berkey Purification Elements (The More You Buy The Cheaper They Are!)



We also wanted to provide you with a PDF that has the above instructions AND the top methods of filtering or purifying water. You can print it out and keep it in your emergency supplies so you always have a little “cheat sheet” for this crucial part of survival. We would suggest printing a copy on thick cardstock and putting it in your supplies. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family! It’s one more thing we can do to be prepared for any situation that may come in the future. You can download it Here.

Berkey Water Filters / Purifiers Comparison Chart


Berkey Systems

Pure Water Holding Capacity
# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)
# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)
# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)
# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)
6 Gallons
2 Elm.  (6.5 GPH)
4 Elm.  (13.0 GPH)
6 Elm.  (19.5 GPH)
8 Elm.  (26.0 GPH)
4.5 Gallons
2 Elm.  (5.5 GPH)
4 Elm.  (11.0 GPH)
6 Elm.  (16.5 GPH)

3.25 Gallons
2 Elm.  (4.0 GPH)
4 Elm.  (8.0 GPH)

2.25 Gallons
2 Elm.  (3.5 GPH)
4 Elm.  (7.0 GPH)

2.75 Gallons
2 Elm.  (4.25 GPH)
4 Elm.  (8.5 GPH)

1.5 Gallons
2 Elm.  (2.75 GPH)

1.0 Quart
1 Elm.  (1.0 GPH)


* Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines.

Powerful Water Filtration and Purification Specs.

Water Purifier Elements Capabilities


Mitesh dalwadi January 7, 2012 at 6:52 am

From where we can buy a Black Berkey and how to keep in bucket?
W8 for kind reply,


admin January 7, 2012 at 10:51 am

Hi Mitesh,

The Black Berkey Purification Elements are in the “Extras” tab in the menu bar. You can buy a couple of “Food Grade” buckets at most local stores like Home Depot.

If you are not sure about things please call me.

All the Best,