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The Big Berkey Water Purification System

Big Berkey Water Purifier The Big Berkey water purifier is a very popular residential sized system and is great for a large family or small group.
Quick Stats:
Home, Camping and Emergency Use
Dimensions: 20″ High x 8.5″ Wide
Pure Water Holding Capacity in Gallons: 2.25
Flow Rate in Gallons Per Hour: *7.0
(*When Fully Loaded With 4 Purification Elements)
Eligible For Discounted Items (YES!) See Drop-Down Box Below
System Price (W/2 Elements) $278 + Any Additional Purification Elements

Big Berkey Water Purification System
The Big Berkey is the most popular stainless steel home and emergency use water purification system we have. It comes supplied with (2) Purification Elements but can accommodate up to (4) Purification Elements at a time. You may add additional Purification Elements in the drop-down box below.
Price: $278.00

As of Dec 3rd 2012, We CAN Now Ship Certain Berkey Systems to California (Click HERE to learn why.)

The Big Berkey Water Purifier is Our #1 Seller in Stainless Steel Water Purification Systems!

The Big Berkey is the most popular of all our stainless steel water purification systems. It has a smaller footprint on your countertop, yet provides plenty of purified water during any emergency situation. This powerful water purifier will give you instant pure and clean water anytime you like and especially when times are tough. If you just want to filter & purify your municipal water or well water, the Big Berkey can also take care of that for you very quickly. It’s constructed of 304 Stainless Steel (the metal you see everywhere in professional kitchens and restaurants,) so it is built to last as well as be attractive.

Pure Water in Emergencies…Lots of It!

The “Black Berkey Purification Elements” filter and purify water very quickly (See Table Below,) and they are what makes our water purifiers so so great for helping people have clean and pure water fast, and especially during the worst disasters. The stats table below should give you a good feel for the power in our water purifier systems. Loaded with 4 purification elements, the Big Berkey can create 12,000 gallons of purified water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning, without contaminating the things you are cleaning. You can purify water from nearly any “raw water” source like lakes, stagnant ponds, streams, rain water, etc. You literally never have to be without filtered, clean and purified water!


Our Big Berkey Water Purification system filters water for sure, but the biggest benefit is that it also purifies water to remove all the nasty things like pathogens, giardia, heavy metals, cryptosporidium, and even wipes out bad tastes and odors…(The Technical Specs are Listed Below.) No pressurized water sources is needed for your water purifier to perform at its best! This, (and all our water purification systems) use gravity and the pressure of the water in the upper chamber of the system to gently push the water through the micro-pores of the purification elements. This is really critical since you probably won’t have any water pressure from a well or a city water supply during a flood, earthquake, contamination problem or any other disaster.

Who Might Be Counting on You for Pure Water?

Our water purification systems can literally save lives! The larger systems like the “Big Berkey” are able to purify a lot of water in a short amount of time. If (Heaven forbid,) disaster strikes in your neighborhood, you’ll be able to meet your family’s and probably most of your neighbor’s needs for pure water. People can survive quite a long time without food, but clean drinking water becomes critical after only a couple of days. Having a water purifier lets you help those in need when needs are most critical.

To purchase the Big Berkey Water Purification System and join the ranks of many thousands of other prepared citizens, just click on the “Add to shopping Cart” button and enter your payment details. It comes standard with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, but we strongly encourage you to add up to 8 more purification elements as backups, for improved water flow, and for far greater pure water capacity. Your being prepared can truly save lives!

Berkey Water Purifier SpigotMany People Prefer This Option: This Is Our Premium Water Purifier Spigot. It has been specially designed for our stainless steel water purifiers so you can easily see how much pure water remains in the lower chamber without removing the upper chamber to peek inside. It is very handy! Click HERE to Learn More About this Spigot.

Berkey Water Filters / Purifiers Comparison Chart

Berkey Systems

Pure Water Holding Capacity

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

6 Gallons

2 Elm.  (6.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (13.0 GPH)

6 Elm.  (19.5 GPH)

8 Elm.  (26.0 GPH)

4.5 Gallons

2 Elm.  (5.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (11.0 GPH)

6 Elm.  (16.5 GPH)

3.25 Gallons

2 Elm.  (4.0 GPH)

4 Elm.  (8.0 GPH)

2.25 Gallons

2 Elm.  (3.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (7.0 GPH)

2.75 Gallons

2 Elm.  (4.25 GPH)

4 Elm.  (8.5 GPH)

1.5 Gallons

2 Elm.  (2.75 GPH)

1.0 Quart

1 Elm.  (1.0 GPH)

* Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines.

Powerful Water Filtration and Purification Specs.

Water Purifier Elements Capabilities

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