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The Go Berkey Kit Water Purification System

Go Berkey Kit Water Purifier The Go Berkey Kit water purifier is a very popular for individual or very small group hiking and camping.
Quick Stats:
Home, Hiking, Camping and Emergency Use
Dimensions: 14″ High x 4.0″ Wide (Can be “nested” to 12″ for Hiking)
Includes a Sport Bottle, Primer and Carrying Bag
Pure Water Holding Capacity in Quarts: 1.0
Flow Rate in Gallons Per Hour: *1.0
(*When Fully Loaded With 1 Purification Element)
System Price (W/1 Element) $182 + Any Additional Purification Elements

Go Berkey Kit Water Purification System
The Go Berkey Kit is best for hiking, backpacking and emergency pure water. It comes supplied with (1) Sport Bottle, (1) Primer, (1) Carrying Bag and (1) Purification Element (Which means it's fully loaded.) You may add additional Purification Elements in the drop-down box below.
Price: $182.00

As of Dec 3rd 2012, We CAN Now Ship to California (Click HERE to learn why.)

Portable Water Purification System That Packs a Punch!

The Travel Berkey is the smallest and lightest stainless steel water purifier in our line. The only smaller water purifier is our Sport Bottle which comes in this kit, and is most definitely an individual use product. If you like camping and hiking this may be the perfect combo system for you. This small water purifier is really intended for use by only one or two people, but it can purify up to a gallon of water per hour so you could keep a small group hydrated if you really had to. Like it’s larger purifier cousins it’s also made of 304 Stainless Steel (the same material used in food service, hospitals and professional kitchens) so it is built to last and ready for some rough backwoods hiking and camping.

Powerful “Little” Water Purifier!

Yeah, it’s small, but with one “Black Berkey Purification Element” inside it can actually purify up to 3000 gallons of water! Not bad for a very compact yet sturdy water purifier. The stats below tell more of the story and the table gives you a sense of how this water purifier compares to others. Since the Go Berkey uses the same purification elements you can purify any “raw water” you find in lakes, rivers, stagnant ponds, streams, rain, even swamps, etc. That kind of purification power can really come in handy…yeah we hike the back country too!

Portable Purifier Just Right for Camping, Backpacking and Hiking…

This compact water purifier both filters and purifies water to get rid of all the “nasties” (pathogens) like giardia, cryptosporidium, heavy metals, and even gets rid of bad tastes and odors…(See the Specifics Below.) Water pressure is not required to enjoy clean and pure water with the Go Berkey water purifier. Just fill the top chamber with whatever water you can find and it uses gravity to pass the water the micro-pores of the purification element. If you’re out fishing or hiking you can literally fill it from the stream or lake and drink it pure water on the spot! This makes the system very practical for outdoors-men.

Emergency Water Purifier…

This water purifier is a great tool to have in your emergency supplies! Keep a Go Berkey water purifier in your car or truck and with your hunting and fishing supplies and you’ll always have access to clean and pure water…that is, if you can find some water to clean ; – )

To purchase the Go Berkey Water Purification Kit (which includes a Sport Bottle and a Carrying Bag,) just click on the “Add to shopping Cart” button and enter your payment details. All transactions are encrypted and secure. The water purifier kit comes with 1 Black Berkey Purification Element, but you may want to add a few more to your order for backups and to increase how much water you can purify. You’ll be glad you have this little purifier with you when you need it and may actually use it to rescue a back-woods buddy someday…maybe even you!

Berkey Water Filters / Purifiers Comparison Chart

Berkey Systems

Pure Water Holding Capacity

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

6 Gallons

2 Elm.  (6.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (13.0 GPH)

6 Elm.  (19.5 GPH)

8 Elm.  (26.0 GPH)

4.5 Gallons

2 Elm.  (5.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (11.0 GPH)

6 Elm.  (16.5 GPH)

3.25 Gallons

2 Elm.  (4.0 GPH)

4 Elm.  (8.0 GPH)

2.25 Gallons

2 Elm.  (3.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (7.0 GPH)

2.75 Gallons

2 Elm.  (4.25 GPH)

4 Elm.  (8.5 GPH)

1.5 Gallons

2 Elm.  (2.75 GPH)

1.0 Quart

1 Elm.  (1.0 GPH)

* Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines.

Powerful Water Filtration and Purification Specs.

Water Purifier Elements Capabilities

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