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As our special guest you are more than welcome to tell us exactly what you want and we’ll build a special water filtration and purification and or emergency preparedness package just for you.

Let’s say you want a Crown Berky with an extra case of purification elements…we can do that! And, we’ll even give you any special discounts we can round-up!

Just send us an email and let us know what customized items you want and we’ll get right on it!

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Vicki Nace July 19, 2011 at 4:37 pm

Create your own Package – I want 4 black berkey filters and 5 sport bottles. Thanks!


David Lillie March 6, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Create Your Own Package – Best deal for Berkey Light w/o led in base and Go berkey Kit and extra black berkey elements. Is it correct that the black Berkey can be cleaned and reused? The purpose for this purchase is for emergency/survival, will this unit surfice for dirty creek, pond, ditch water? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.



admin March 6, 2012 at 6:58 pm

Hi David,

The prices you see on this site are the lowest allowable by Berkey. That said; I am allowed to package certain things together and offer some special discounts. Much of that I have done by adding the drop-down boxes below each system so you can have additional options. I literally lose money on each of those deals but am allowed to do it by Berkey when someone purchases a system. Other special options may also be available… but only by a phone call or private email. ; – )

It matters far more to me that people get something vs. nothing. If I were buying an “Emergency Only” system, I would just make one like the homemade water purifier shown on the “Resources and Links” menu button above. The “MAGIC” is in the Black Berkey Purification Elements, NOT the container. They will easily clean pond, lake, river, rain, ditch, and many other water sources but are not designed for Salt Water.

We use our Berkey every day, believe in them (and the research,) and proudly represent them.

I hope this helps mate!

All the Best,



Bruce Hall December 7, 2012 at 11:29 am

I have read that the taste and flow rate of the ceramic filters is better than the charcoal filters [quoted below]. Do you have an opinion on that? Do you offer the ceramic filters? If not, are the charcoal filters you have the newer batch?

“1. Taste. Standard charcoal filters are not good enough for me. Ceramic is better, but adds cost.

BTW I called Berkey customer service and they did have a bad batch of charcoal filters in April and May of 2011. They fixed the problem and to indicate the fix, new filters have a black grey (not just black) base color with ribbing/manufacturing marks.

2. Flow rate.
Berkey claims that a Crown Berkey with 2 black filters has a “flow rate” of 6 gallons per hour. Misleading. Perhaps _initial_ flow “rate” is 6 gph, but it will take 6+ hours to filter 6 gallons.
With the 4 7″ white ceramic filter setup, the flow is much better, but still nowhere close to 6 gph.”


Bill Hanover December 7, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your questions amigo… I’ll try to do them justice.

The ceramic filters are “filters only.” They do NOT “purify” water. The Black Berkey Purification Elements both filter and purify water. To me, that is a very notable and important difference and makes the difference… especially if you ever have the need to drink stagnant pond water or something like that.

We use our Berkey every single day and ONLY use the black elements in it. In fact, I didn’t even sell the ceramics for a long time (though available to me as a dealer) because the blacks are so much better. I do sell them now, but only because a customer of mine wanted to make a 3-stage homemade water purifier. He wanted the ceramics in the top bucket which would feed the middle bucket with the blacks in it… which would then feed the pure water bucket. He felt like this may prolong the life of the Black Berkey Elements. He also planned to “pre-filter” on another level by pouring all “raw water” through a towel or cheese cloth first. He’s a very smart guy and was planning to use very compromised water, so it might be good to take his advice for such a system.

Myself, I’d pre-treat “highly compromised water” with chlorine or iodine for at least an hour before pouring it through a cloth of some kind into my Berkey (just as an added precaution.) I don’t think using the ceramics as a pre-filter is needed; one man’s opinion.

As to taste… our water is excellent! You cannot taste or smell chlorine in our water and that is by far the biggest contaminant. The ceramic filters are estimated to “reduce chlorine up to 90%.” The Black Berkey Purification Elements are estimated to “reduce chlorine beyond detectable limits.” So, if you like the taste of a little chlorine in your water (which my mother does ; – ) you won’t like the results from the black elements.

In the time I’ve been a Berkey Dealer I have had a couple of customers (both in Texas,) tell me they had an extremely strong sulfur taste in their water and still some of that remained after pouring it through their purifiers. Berkey advised me to tell them to put “a few inches of activated charcoal; readily found at pet stores, in the top chamber of their purifiers. In both cases this removed the offending taste.

Berkey DID have a couple of “bad batches” of Black Berkey Elements. Those elements have long since been purged from any inventory I have. Since the redesign, the only returns I have had were from a broken stem and an unexplained crack. The “red food coloring test” as discussed here: is an easy way to determine if all is well with your system. I do it periodically and would definitely do it before drinking stagnant pond water with a dead animal floating in it or something like that ; – )

Flow Rate is ALWAYS calculated with the top chamber full and that is stated on this site many times. The reason for this is; it establishes a maximum flow rate with the varied number of elements in use. If you are taking care of the water needs of a large family or group, you will be constantly refilling the unit in order to get maximum output. If you are just using your purifier in your home and under “normal” conditions… yes, you’ll fill it once and it will flow very rapidly while the top chamber is full, based on the amount of “head-pressure” it has. When that pressure lowers, you’ll notice an increasing and significant drop in flow rate until the water reaches the base of the elements. It is really just simple physics… more pressure = faster water flow, less pressure = slower water flow.

We use a Big Berkey in my home (6 of us living here right now,) and need to refill it an average of once per day. It’s not like we are constantly running out of water because it doesn’t flow as fast as it lowers, it’s more like this; we use it all day long and notice the water is coming out of the spigot a bit slower, so we fill it up again. It is rare that we actually run it dry.

Whew! I hope all of that is useful to you. I try hard to give the straight scoop as I understand it. Please feel free to give me a call sometime if you’d like to talk.

All the Best,


Bill Hanover
Berkey Water Filter Folks
(435) 792-4380


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