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The Crown Berkey Water Purification System

Crown Berkey Water PurifierThe Crown Berkey water purifier is the largest system available. It’s perfect for a large family or even a sizeable group.
Quick Stats:
Home, Groups and Emergency Use
Dimensions: 30″ High x 11″ Wide
Pure Water Holding Capacity in Gallons: 6
Flow Rate in Gallons Per Hour: *26
(*When Fully Loaded With 8 Purification Elements)
Eligible For Discounted Items (YES!) See Drop-Down Box Below
System Price (W/2 Elements) $360 + Any Additional Purification Elements

Crown Berkey Water Purification System
The Crown Berkey is the Ultimate in home and emergency use water purification systems. It comes supplied with (2) Purification Elements but can accommodate up to (8) Purification Elements at a time. You may add additional Purification Elements in the drop-down box below.
Price: $360.00

As of Dec 3rd 2012, We CAN Now Ship Certain Berkey Systems to California (Click HERE to learn why.)

Water Purifier Facts:

The Crown Berkey is the biggest water purification system available in the Berkey line and really gets our top recommendation. It is ideal for purifying water on your countertop, or in any emergency situation. The Crown Berkey will provide you with immediate purified water in the event of an emergency or if you just want to filter your well, or municipal water source as so many people do. It’s also made of 304 Stainless Steel (the same material used in professional kitchens and food service) so it is both attractive and durable.

Powerful Water Purification!

It’s crazy to think about how much water the “Black Berkey Purification Elements” can purify, but they are what makes the crown so great for helping people have clean and pure water even in the worst of circumstances. Check out the stats below for more information…but fully loaded with 8 purification elements, the Crown Berkey is capable of purifying at least 24,000 gallons of pure drinking water from nearly any “raw water” source like lakes, stagnant ponds, streams, rain, etc. That is awesome!

Filters and Purifies the “Nasties” Out of Your Water

The Crown Water Purifier both filters and purifies water to get rid of all the nasties (pathogens) like giardia, cryptosporidium, heavy metals, and even gets rid of bad tastes and odors…(See the Technical Specs Below.) You don’t even need water pressure to enjoy clean and pure water with the Crown. It uses gravity and the natural pressure of the water in the system to allow the water to pass through the micro-pores of the purification elements. Since you’re not likely to have water pressure during a flood or city water disruption, this ability to create pure water without outside pressure is essential. A water purification system that doesn’t relay on pressurized water is an essential part of your emergency preparedness supplies.

Purified Water Lets You Help Yourself and Others!

On a personal note, we recommend the Crown (or any of the larger water purification systems) because you may not be the only person who needs water in an emergency situation. The larger water purifiers allow you to help your family, extended family, friends, and neighbors with life saving water.

To purchase the Crown Berkey Water Purification System just click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” button and chose your payment options. It comes with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, but you’ll really want to add up to 6 more water purification elements for improved water flow and far greater capacity to help others who also need water during an emergency. Your advanced preparation can literally save lives!

Berkey Water Purifier SpigotMany People Prefer This Option: This Is Our Premium Water Purifier Spigot. It has been specially designed for our stainless steel water purifiers so you can easily see how much pure water remains in the lower chamber without removing the upper chamber to peek inside. It is very handy! Click HERE to Learn More About this Spigot.

Berkey Water Filters / Purifiers Comparison Chart

Berkey Systems

Pure Water Holding Capacity

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

# of Purification Elements & Flow Rate
(Gallons Per Hour)

6 Gallons

2 Elm.  (6.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (13.0 GPH)

6 Elm.  (19.5 GPH)

8 Elm.  (26.0 GPH)

4.5 Gallons

2 Elm.  (5.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (11.0 GPH)

6 Elm.  (16.5 GPH)

3.25 Gallons

2 Elm.  (4.0 GPH)

4 Elm.  (8.0 GPH)

2.25 Gallons

2 Elm.  (3.5 GPH)

4 Elm.  (7.0 GPH)

2.75 Gallons

2 Elm.  (4.25 GPH)

4 Elm.  (8.5 GPH)

1.5 Gallons

2 Elm.  (2.75 GPH)

1.0 Quart

1 Elm.  (1.0 GPH)

* Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines.

Powerful Water Filtration and Purification Specs.

Water Purifier Elements Capabilities

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What great service. I am so delighted with my purchase. The stainless steel is a breeze to clean, not heavy. The water is so much better tasteing. We are drinking a lot more water, instead of soda. We just feel HEALTHIER. Thank You so much. All the best, from my family to yours.