Why Can’t We Ship to California?

As of Dec. 3rd 2012 We Now Ship The Systems Listed Below To California!

Please call me if you have any questions. (435) 792-4380

Here are the Systems:

Sport Berkey®
Go Berkey®
Travel Berkey®
Berkey Light™ 2 element systems (With or without LED lights).
Black Berkey® Elements
SuperSterasyl™ Elements
Post Filter elements
Replacement parts

It is NOT illegal to own a Berkey water purifier in California, it’s just a problem for Berkey, or an authorized dealer (like me,) to send you one (except those listed.)

This issue stems from a law enacted in California in 2010 that roughly states that all implements used for water consumption, for humans, must be certified as “lead-free.” None of Berkey’s products contain lead but the certification process was costly and untested.

Recently, a decision was made by California, to allow the sales of the Berkey systems listed above because they are considered portable and may be used outside the home. In my humble opinion… any of the Berkey systems fit that description but we must wait for official word from the powers that be before opening the door to sales of systems not listed above.

Again, PLEASE Call Me For Further Help.

(435) 792-4380