Emergency Water Purifiers are Critical

by Bill Hanover on September 22, 2010

Water Purification Systems are Essential to Your Emergency Preparedness. Water Purifiers are a Great Insurance Policy Against Disaster! The Boy Scouts Moto is “Be Prepared.” Another Good One… “If Ye Are Prepared, Ye Shall Not Fear!” Pure Water Is Essential to Life As We Know It! Air, Water and Safety are our top 3 survival needs.

I asked someone to tell me why we should all have an “Emergency Water Purifier.” This is what they said:

Regardless of where you live Mother Nature can be a devastating force. The uncertainties of nature, not to mention the economy creates the necessity to provide the basics in an emergency. One of those necessities is water. In a natural emergency water can be a scarce commodity and the difference between life or death for many. To assure you have fresh water when needed a good investment is an emergency water purifier.

Naturally, one could buy bottled water, however in many cases there are minute contaminants in the water. When it comes to fresh clean water that you or your family will drink, no doubt you want the purest water possible. Boiling water is an option, if there is a way to boil the water. If not, your best bet is an emergency water purifier. Purchasing an emergency water purifier can mean fresh water for you, your family and even your neighbors. Your purchase could save many lives by providing fresh, contaminant free water.

Initially, purchasing a water filter purifier can seem a bit expensive. However, the knowledge that you have the means to provide fresh water in an emergency at any time, or anyplace is priceless. Fresh water is needed even on camping or hunting expeditions. As long as there is a running stream, river or lake, you have fresh water with a water filtration purifier. No need to pack up cases and cases of bottled water on that extended camping trip. Simply pack up the emergency water purifier, locate a river or stream and you’ll have an endless supply of fresh, clear, crisp water. Water that is clean and can be used to make coffee over the campfire, in cooking or to drink. All from the use of your emergency water purifier.

There are numerous emergency water purifier products on the market, but you want a product that will last years and still provide fresh clean water. The Berkey emergency water purifier is made to last several years and provide gallons upon gallons of fresh, clear, clean tasting water. There are numerous sizes to choose from depending on the amount of water you desire to produce. It is recommended that you buy a larger emergency water purifier than you anticipate needing. In this way you can assure plenty of fresh, clean water for nearly your entire neighborhood. Additionally, you’ll want to get a few sports bottles with your emergency water purifier so that even on a hike you can carry fresh water.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, carrying the emergency water filter sports bottles can be very advantageous. If in the event you are trapped in your car, the snow can be collected in a sports bottle and filtered for drinking. No doubt, you can certainly see that an emergency water filter is something your entire family can benefit from. Water, the force of life is the elixir that all living things require. Without it life in itself dies. The emergency water purifier and filter will assure that you and your family have a continuous flow of fresh, life saving water.

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