Safe Drinking Water

by Bill Hanover on March 22, 2011

Safe Drinking Water Isn’t Just a Good Idea…

It Is an Absolute Necessity!

If you have been toying with the idea of buying the Best Water Purifier so your family could have safe drinking water should an emergency situation occur…now is as good a time as any!

Safe Drinking Water means you have access to water that can be drunk as is, or easily have any contaminants removed from it and/or neutralized before drinking.

Some seemingly safe water may be safe drinking water, but it is difficult to tell for sure. Most of us don’t carry microscopes around or know for sure what to look for when determining if water is safe for drinking or not.

Boiling water is the old stand-by, and in most cases will yield safe drinking water. Keep in mind that boiling water takes time and fuel. These may not be readily available during a crisis. You should also note that boiling water does not remove the contamination from the water, it just kills the critters (parasites and such) that may be in the water. If there was oil in water before boiling, there will still be oil in the water after boiling. Many contaminants do not “boil-out.”

Safe drinking water may also look cloudy or dark even after a thorough boiling. Though safe, it may smell bad, taste nasty and look awful…yet still be safe to drink. It’s a disgusting fact.

Of course the best way to get safe drinking water is to use your Berkey Water Purifier and not mess with the boiling or adding chemicals like chlorine or iodine which many consider to be contaminants themselves.

The water that comes from your tap may also not be safe to drink. The more we learn about fluoride and chlorine in our drinking water, the more people turn to a water purifier that is capable of removing these substances and returning water to its’ more natural state.

Purified water is more than a luxury and the availability of safe drinking water is largely in your control. Prepare now and have some peace of mind and easy access to safe drinking water without boiling and all the other hassles should a disaster strike. You’ll be glad you did!

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