This is a special deal on a Super Angel Juicer that was returned to me and is in Generally Good but briefly used condition but has some minor shipping scratches/dents (See Notes Below.)


Super Angel Juicer Deal Briefly Used - Customer Return *EFREM ONLY
Super Angel Juicer Deal Briefly Used - Customer Return *EFREM ONLY
Price: $900.00

The BEST Juicer Available Today! Makes “Living Juices!”

Quick Stats:
Home Use, Makes Juices, Nut Butters, Pastes and More!
This Is The CR5500 Model
Dimensions: 10.5″ High x 7.8″ Wide x 19.0″ Long – Shipping Weight: 28 lbs.
3 Horsepower Motor!
10 Year Manufacturers Warranty Included! (Berkey Water Filter Folks Is An Authorized Dealer)
Our Special Price (For Efrem Only) (Includes Free Shipping!) $900.00


Condition Notes:

This juicer was returned to me for unknown reasons. I went over it with a fine-toothed comb (a.k.a. extremely close inspection) and found it to be in “Good” “Briefly Used” condition and to run as designed. This unit has some small dents and scratches on the Feed Chute Housing that DO NOT affect the way the unit functions. The motor housing also has a small and shallow dent on the back-facing side and a few small scratches near the dent… all caused from poor packaging upon return. It has never been registered for the warranty so you are the original buyer and the full warranty applies.

The small defects are cosmetic only but because the unit is so shiny, I cannot get good photos of it. If you purchase this unit and find my description to be misleading in any way… I will gladly accept your return and refund your money. I’ve been completely honest and forthcoming about its condition. I also ran it for a few minutes using its various functions (without food) and it performed perfectly. It comes with all the items you would expect in the full kit, minus the manual. Most of the items are brand new and never used as the previous buyer decided to steal them from me.

Not only is this the the best juicer you’ll find, it’s also the one we use in our home. It is solid and strong with stainless steel construction. Everything about it is heavy-duty and of superior quality. It has a larger than needed 3 horsepower electric motor so you can power-through carrots and wheatgrass and even seeds and nuts if desired.

This is a “Slow Juicer” that runs at ~82 – 86 RPM’s so you don’t destroy the enzymes while juicing.

Watch This Video and Watch How the Super Angel “Beats the Pulp” Out of the $2500.00 Norwalk! (It Isn’t Even Close!)

The Super Angel Limited Warranty… The One You’ll Probably Never Need!


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