Hurricane Season and Drinking Water

by Bill Hanover on June 14, 2011

Well, its upon us once again… Hurricane Season! Not surprisingly, folks are starting to visit our site and call us asking some very familiar and great questions. They want to buy the Best Water Purifier just like you!

Here are the questions we get about safe drinking water during and after a hurricane.

1. Will your water purifiers filter and purify the water in my pool?
2. Can we drink flood water?
3. Will your system purify salt water?
4. Can we drink swamp water or polluted water?
5. How fast can we get a water purifier?

These are all great questions and have some pretty straightforward answers. Let’s take them one at a time.

1. Will your water purifiers filter and purify the water in my pool?

You bet! (But note the exceptions below.) In fact your swimming pool water is a great great backup water source! Since there is already chlorine in the water there is a good chance the water is fairly clean to begin with. The “Black Berkey Purification Elements” (Filters) will actually take the chlorine out of the water so it doesn’t taste at all like pool water. Your pool water will taste better than any bottled water you can get in the store.

Notes: One caveat on drinking pool water… if your pool relies on a salt based cleaning system it may not be suitable for use with the Berkey. Berkey water purifiers DO let dissolved minerals through and salt is easily dissolved in water so it becomes a dissolved mineral (at the ionic level.) Some systems put salt in and then take it out. That water would be fine to use. If you are using some types of harsh chemicals in your pool they may or may not be filtered out. It’s always best to check the Black Berkey Purification Elements capabilities info out before drinking from any questionable water source.

2. Can we drink flood water? / Will your purifiers clean flood waters?

Yes! Flood water is generally just normal water with lots of sediment and debris mixed into it. Of course you should try to find the “cleanest” flood water you can… if you’re going to pour it into your purifier. Many people will also “pre-filter” flood water by pouring it through a cloth or coffee filter in order to get the “big stuff” out in advance. It’s not required, but it will keep your system cleaner and extend the life of your purification elements. Also avoid flood water with oil, chemicals, dead animals, sewage and etc. If those things are in your water you should move hundreds of yards from them and get cleaner water for your purifier.

3. Will your system purify salt water?

Well, yeah, but the purifiers are not made for salt water and will clog readily. I wish that weren’t true, but that is a fact. You will get “pure water” (meaning the nasties are gone,) but it will be very salty. You need to desalinate salt water (brackish water) before running it through your Berkey.

4. Can we drink swamp water or polluted water?

Yes, swamp water is completely drinkable with our water purifiers. Again, if you are drinking water from a swamp, rain barrel, lake, river, or even a mud puddle you should do your best to start with the cleanest water you can and pre-filter it to get the big stuff out (not necessary, but a good idea.) If the water is really stagnant and nasty you may even want to boil it or add chlorine to it first. These are NOT required, but why take a chance? The cool thing about adding chlorine is that the purification elements will take it out after it does the job of killing off the nasties! Cool!

5. How fast can we get a water purifier?

We are pretty darn busy but most systems are shipping within 1 or 2 days.

Well, I hope that was helpful to you! You can be prepared with clean and safe drinking water even during hurricane season with the best water purifier on the market today!

If you have any questions just call or email me. I’ll do whatever I can to be helpful.

All the Best!

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PHYLLIS CAPONIGRO August 27, 2011 at 5:08 pm

When do you stop drinking tap water, before, during , or after the hurricane.

admin August 27, 2011 at 7:27 pm

Hi Phyllis,

Great Question!

The simple answer is… whenever your water becomes compromised.

Personally, I would stop drinking tap water while the hurricane is coming in because your true water source could be miles away and it could already be compromised.

I’d then wait for the city or state officials to to notify the public that the water is safe again. At that point I would probably run every tap (full blast) for a least 10 minutes or so to try and purge any leftover contamination that might be hiding in the pipes/system. I’d probably also shut-down my water heater and drain it at least once. That’s good annual maintenance anyway.

If you think your water is seriously compromised you may want to have it tested. A local government agency or university should be able to tell you where that can be done.

When in doubt… use your Berkey! It should take care of most anything that you’ll run into.

I hope that helps!


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