Drinking Salt Water OR Brackish Water

by Bill Hanover on August 25, 2011

Hi Folks,

A number of my friends and customers have asked me about drinking salt water a.k.a. Brackish Water.

The Black Berkey Water Purification Elements are the best on earth BUT they do not take the salt out of brackish water.

Here’s a YouTube video I found that shows the basic idea behind distilling water.

Here are some solutions / Links to DIY Water Distillers and Desalinators:

Water Distillers:

If you live near an ocean and it becomes your only water source for some reason, I would encourage you to at very least purchase (or make your own) simple distiller unit like the “Aquamate Solar Still” above. That would really get you by in an emergency situation without access to electricity. Of course, if you are trying to provide water for dozens of people you’ll need to scale-up or it will be insufficient.

Whatever water you get through boiling, condensing or desalination etc. you can still run it through your Berkey Water Filter / Purifier for the best possible water. It may seem like “over-kill” but it’s very easy to contaminate a water source and in an emergency that’s one of the last things you want.

I hope you find these links helpful.


Berkey Water Filters For Pure Water Berkey Water Filter - Berkey Light Emergency Water Filter Bucket Purifier

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