Berkey Water Purifiers and Drinking Water Softener Water

by Bill Hanover on January 25, 2013

Berkey Water Purifiers do NOT remove salt from water, as salt is a dissolved mineral. One of the best things about Berkey systems is that they leave the minerals in the water.

People who drink RO or (Reverse Osmosis Water) may need to take vitamin / mineral supplements to make up for the loss of minerals in their water. That is obviously not needed with Berkey systems.

OK, all of that said; from all the research I’ve done, any residual salt left in your water softener is extremely minimal with any modern and properly functioning water softener system. I personally (not a chemist) believe the water from a softener system is perfectly safe to drink and, in fact, did so for many years with no noticeable side effects.

You should note, however, that the Berkey will NOT make your water less salty by any measurable amount… it’s not designed to do that.

As you probably know, water softeners use salt to cleanse the little mineral attracting pellets or balls after they are coated with hard water minerals. The salt just changes the polarity of the charge in the mineral covered balls so they can no longer hold on to the minerals. After a salt “purge cycle” (which is a super-concentrated salt cycle,) the water softener then flushes the balls and salty water out of the system to get rid of most of it. Unless a system has a defect or some other problem, this flushing process should get rid of nearly all of the salt. Normal use of the system after the flushing process will also continue to remove any residual salt until the next purge cycle.

I believe (from what I’ve read,) that the level of residual salt in your water should approach almost undetectable levels and may mimic that of un-softened water depending on where you live. Some salt does occur naturally in most water sources.

So… this article / post is a long answer to a visitor’s question but I hope you find it useful.

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